Dietetic and Nutritional Guidance for Athletes

Based meticulously on accurate assessment of basic metabolic rate (BMR), the athlete’s body composition, measurement of VO2 max, measurement of stress and of inflammation levels in the body, we create special diet programmes tailored to the needs of each trainee for any exercise level and any age.

The nutritional support of athletes takes into account the increased needs of the athlete in training, which change according to the length of exercise, the intensity of exercise, the athlete’s muscle mass and his/her basic metabolism.

The objective is:

  • increase of muscle mass
  • adequate hydration
  • maintenance of bone mass (in certain sports there is the risk of developing osteoporosis)
  • maintenance of hormonal balance in both genders thus sustaining fertility
  • maximization of the athlete’s endurance performance (this is tested via VO2 max = maximal oxygen consumption, measurement of the volume of oxygen consuming while exercising at maximum capacity)
  • maintenance of the general wellbeing of the athlete